written by Werner Penzel in collaboration with Ayako Mogi & Sabine Timoteo

directed and photographed by Werner Penzel

featuring Sabine Timoteo, Muho Noelke & Sangha Community of
Antaiji Zen Monastery Japan

quotes by Kodo Sawaki

with a poem by Jacques Prévert

original sound recording and editing by Ayako Mogi

soundtrack composed by Fred Frith

soundtrack recorded & mixed by Peter Hardt

color grading by Peter Guyer

sound editing by Peter von Siebenthal

final sound mixing by Felix Bussmann

technical support & postproduction by Ueli

graphic design by Gerhard Blaettler

web-design by Nicolas Kyramarios & Gino Knöpfel (Kyramarios GmbH)

still photography by Werner Penzel, Ayako Mogi & Norbert Hübner

produced by Peter Guyer, Madeleine Corbat & Werner Penzel

coproduced by Sabine Bubeck-Paaz for ZDF-ARTE and Urs Augstburger for SRG

supported by Berner Filmfoerderung & Bundesamt für Kultur, Switzerland, Bundeskultusministerium Germany

copyright by Recycled Tv Switzerland & Werner Penzel Filmproduktion Germany